Saturday, 3 April 2010

GAIA SOULS Fantastic New Features

What do you get when you mix FaceBook with Myspace & people with a love for all things esoteric?

GAIA SOULS! The new social media platform where like minded individuals connect.

Our platform works similar to other social networks but we've added some awesome features that will have you coming back for more!

We're all individuals at heart and what better way to show your personality than to have a fully customizable profile page within your Gaia Souls account! It is so easy and so fun to use, within minutes you will be creating an online presence that reflects your inner being.

When you first join GAIA SOULS you'll have a basic profile page that looks very similar to FaceBook but with a few clicks of the mouse you'll be creating your own unique identity.

Almost all of your profile or group page is customizable and you can add fantastic images to make eye catching backgrounds for people to see. This will be fantastic for gatherings or events.

Here are just a few examples to wet your appetite!

Click On The Images To Enlarge

In addition to creating an amazing online profile for yourself or business you can also start blogging AND link your fantastic stories to our online magazine! If you can use Microsoft Word then you can use our blogging system. The exciting part is the online magazine created from blogs, the whole idea of the GAIA SOULS community is to gather great minds from around the world and share our experiences together. The blog and magazine will give you a great opportunity to share your experience and gain valuable feedback from other soul members.

The readers then have the opportunity to log in and browse the magazine topics and read what ever takes their fancy. Sound good? it is! Your blogs help create the community for what it is and you personal profile will also feature links to your blog posts, photo's & video's.

If you're like me, I just can't stop reading and researching some of these amazing topics, so by contributing on the network you will be feeding a community who are committed to learn.

GAIA SOULS Launching real soon!


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