Sunday, 11 April 2010


I've been getting a few questions as to how GAIA SOULS works!

1.) Well it has the connectivity of FACE BOOK

2.) The multimedia power of BLOGGER

3.) The customization of MYSPACE .... (coming soon)

The community aspect is about connecting with like minded people, when you decide to take the plunge and share a story with the blog system the world is your oyster. You can add pictures, video and text and it's as easy as using Microsoft word.

Click add to magazine - publish and then you're a contributor to the GAIA SOULS community and your content is there for people to read for ever! ... unless you delete it :-)

As the site grows and members contribute we will have hundreds of amazing articles from people you can connect with, it's that easy! All the information from all of the enlightening topics will eventually end up here at GAIA SOULS. Esoteric research will never be this easy!

If some one writes a story about Peru and you love it and want to go there you can just instant message them or drop them a line and get all the information you need!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

GAIA SOULS Online!!!!!

Gaia Souls is an open, contemporary and supportive gathering place along life's journey where one can freely express their thoughts, questions, opinions, life experiences and learnings while connecting and co-creating these new emerging realities with other like vibed souls.

Here is a place where you can meet others who can both understand and nurture these newly emerging ideals. Interests like UFO's, Interstellar Beings, Spirituality, Meditation, Alternative Living or Expanded Consciousness can be challenging concepts for the friends and family to grasp as we grow along our path.

Having an awakening to the greater you and feeling a deep connection to humanity requires deeper and genuine connections with others and less isolation. Gaia Souls is more than facebook it's about connecting people who's consciousness is expanding and experiencing personal growth and transformation. By joining this site you wish to share, enjoy and motivate people on their path what ever it may be. Please join the Gaia Souls social
network today. Take the time to build an amazing profile so people from all over the world can connect and share the experience of personal growth with you.

Our features include personal profiles, video & text chat, forums, blogging, events management, news, photo & video hosting and an online magazine. With these features it will never get any easier to connect with like minded people on the same vibe and path as you. Help your community grow.


Monday, 5 April 2010

The GAIA Connection

People of the earth if you feel the same strong connection to our home planet then come and connect with fellow GAIA SOULS on a social network for the spiritually advanced.

Protecting the Planet

Do you find yourself connected to preserving the plant and animal life that surrounds you on Earth? Here you can link in with others on how we can help each other to preserve these natural resources, respect the plant and animal life all while more fully harnessing Earth's free energy to respect the balance of the Earth's ecosystem.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

GAIA SOULS Gives Your Expression & Creativity

Check out some of the cool things you can do with your GAIA SOULS profile page, the choices are endless!

Find a nice HD wide screen image apply it as your background, chose amazing colors to match your tastes or business group logo shazamm! The result is an online profile that will attract people on the same vibe as you week in week out.

Take a look for your self!

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GAIA SOULS Ancient Civilizations

Are you intrigued as to how the ancients built such spectacular monuments that allegedly defy modern science? Ancient archeology holds many clues to our ancient past, spiritual beliefs and can give us clues as to who we are, where we come from and just where we may be going.